New Horizons Band
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Keep up with the latest information about the Iowa City New Horizons Band.
Visit the New Horizons Int'l Music Association website: Click Here
Read their newsletter under the "What's New" topic.

Band Operations -- How everything works
Please click here to view or download an overview of the operational details of the Iowa City New Horizon Band in PDF format.
Please click here to download our current Bylaws, amended and approved by members of ICNHB on October 20, 2015.  The previous Bylaw amendments were on May 10, 2012 to expand the Steering Committee to six members and provide for  staggered terms of three years each.
Band Information
Please click here to view/download a PDF of the current players by name;  or here for the roster by instrument.
Band Fees  
Fall and Spring fees are $75  and Summer Fees are $45 regardless of residence.  
Storm Cancellation Guidelines 
Rehearsals will be canceled if the Iowa City Schools are closed.  Even if schools are open but the roads are slippery, please use your own judgment whether or not you come to rehearsal.  Safety is the first concern.
Steering Committee & Annual Meeting Minutes
Check us out on facebook.
Music Library  (Excel workbook)
Please click the image on the left to download the New Horizons Band music library. It is a workbook with two spreadsheets, band music and ensemble music.
Click here for the library in a PDF.